Three unique takes on the folk genre in early 2021 featuring Beta Radio, Joshua Radin, and Sam Stucky

Beta Radio – “Don’t leave me behind”
-I’ve been a fan of Beta Radio for many years now, pretty much since we started blogging on this site. So it’s always a treat to receive their work in our inbox. This song though – oh my word – this gets back to the vintage harmonies that made me fall in love with BR back in the day. The guitar work is exquisite and the production quality is outstanding. This is the kind of folk music that absolutely emerges in the midst of a disjointed and divisive era. We need this music.

Joshua Radin – “Better life”
-I have to be honest; it’s surreal to me that Joshua Radin sends his music to us. I mean, he’s one of the foundational acts in the acoustic singer songwriter genre that influenced our decision to even start writing. Anyways, this new song highlights Radin’s characteristic soft spoken vocal style. The instrumentation and production are moving, optimistic, and provoke the hope of a better life. This song highlights for us just how important it is that we support one another through life. Be light and support for the people around you while we all move toward a better life.

Sam Stucky – “Celebrate”
-I have to say I really like the chromatic chord change at the heart of the song. The guitar work on this track is particularly good as well. I like how it feels like it rolls together different eras of music history into one with such a cohesive sound. The lead vocal is solid, especially as it gets swinging on the chorus. There’s a hopeful message here to go with the nostalgic structure. Spin it and you’ll dig it, too.

Image courtesy: Joshua Radin IG

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