Three acoustic singer songwriters with thoughtful, captivating new tunes

Zach Hood – “Flashbacks”
-There’s an earestness to Zach Hood’s vocal and lyrics on this track that stopped me in my tracks. It’s about childhood trauma and a broken home. It’s unbelievably emotional. I find it impossible to listen to this song without being personally, emotionall moved. The guitar is clear and Hood’s vocal is excellent, but it’s the lyrics that are sure to stand out for everyone. This one cuts deep.

John John Brown – “Graduation Day”
-There’s an easy going energy to John John Brown’s latest song about graduation. Really it’s about promise and the hope we have for the future. It’s very optimistic and full of romance. This is one that will remind you of the “good old days.” If you’re still with a high school or college sweetheart, this one will hit you extra special.

Jack Holloway – “Lynch law in Louisville”
-This song reminded me of a Dylan deep cut. There’s a narrative here that makes you wonder the rest of the story. The overall energy is mysterious. The easy going Americana delivery is a kind of connection of several eras of music, but most notably reminds me of the 60s folk scene. This one is for those who appreciate artists like Country Joe and the Fish.

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