Three indie folk tunes to bring comfort

Salt Tree – “She’s the one”
-There’s an acoustic folk energy here that emerges for me. I rarely find music in this genre produced this well, but it really stands out. The lyrics are minimalist and meaningful. Anyone who has ever been enamored by someone special will relate to this and maybe even blush a little. It’s sweet and worth spinning for sure.

Vivie Ann and PYRAH – “I want you home”
-This is a really wonderful romantic song. I think my favorite part are some of the vocal harmonies… oh wait, no it’s the stand up bass… no, it’s probably the piano. AH, I think it’s the whole song. I love the message of reconciliation here. It’s been a rough year for being apart, so it’s really wonderful to hear the song highlight harmony in such an evident way.

Mantis Motel – “Pillowcase”
-This narrative folk song will win over a lot of fans from our site. This is the kind of music we’ve been featuring for nearly a decade. The lyrics are all too relatable to some people, I’m sure. The vocal expresses sincere concerns with a lot of genuineness.

Image courtesy: Vivie Ann IG

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