Three folk singer songwriters for your favorite chill playlist

Lyre – “Season to change”
-This is a folk duo that stands out from the crowd. The song has that special something that is more than the balance of its parts. I love the tenderness in the vocal balance here. It feels like the listener is sort of peeking in on a couple having one of those lovey-dovey conversations… in the park or in a little coffee shop. You know you shouldn’t be listening, but they’re so cute and you are feeding off of that loving energy. It’s a romance novel in a song and it works so well.

Colin Bracewell – “You’re Fine”
-The acapella opening of this song made me click “approve” ridiculously fast. I was blown away by the harmonies, of course, but even the depth of the arrangement shows more than the average pop tune. The acoustic guitar and Bracewell’s lead balance out quite well. It’s definitely a track that emerges from the crowd.

Hayden Calnin – “Oh what a mess I’m in”
-The harmonies on this track are incredible. When you add them to an intricate piano part, it’s definitely a fascinating sound. Every time I’ve played it I’ve thought a bit about Bon Iver. It’s got a complex folk structure to it that really stands out for me. It’s amazing to me how the song can be both relaxing and also make me sit up and pay attention. Give it a spin.

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