Three indie folk singer songwriters for your fireside playlist

Thomas LaVine – “By the Coast” ft. Luna Keller
-There’s a calming acoustic presence on this track that got my interest right away. After listening to LaVine’s lead vocal I was hooked. Luna Keller brings in a unique tone as well. The combination makes for a special folk sound that you won’t hear in other places. It’s more modern than classic, so folks looking for a fresh “take” on the genre will enjoy this one.

Ocie Elliott – “Take me home”
-There’s an easy going acoustic vibe on this track that feels like you’re sitting by the fireplace in the winter time. The subtle vocal harmonies really make this song stand out. The bass line, in particular, helps to support this one. I really like how well balanced the production is on this song. I feel like this is an introvert anthem about how it’s so unsettling to be somewhere and how you just want to be home alone. I can relate to this really well. Oh… and a harmonica solo? Be still my heart.

Caitlin Patterson – “Hold this house together”
-“They” do make music like “they” used to… you just have to look for it. Guess what? I found a classic sound that multiple generations will adore. This is Caitlin Patterson’s timeless early 50s style song “Hold this house together.” It’s about as classic as a song could be in 2020. The vocal tone literally sounds like it’s from another time. It’s also a really beautiful love song; you should listen to it and share it with your grandma.
*Editor’s note: who the heck is the trumpet player? OH. MY. WORD. Excellent.

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