Three indie folk tracks to put a smile on your face

Noah Floersch – “Pretty sure”
-There’s an optimism to this track that puts a smile on my face with each listen. The acoustic energy at the heart of the track is definitely intriguing for me. The lines feel genuine, expressive, and even a bit romantic. The whole composition will have you thinking of the special someone in your own life. This is a powerful folk mix and I’m happy to support it.

Brody Schenk – “Charlie Brown”
-If you’re looking for the good old fashioned folk songwriter style like John Prine or Townes van Zandt, give Brody Schenk a spin. This track tells a wonderfully accessible and sweet story. As you listen, you’ll be impressed by the approachable and relatable lyrics. This guy just gets it. Oh… and here’s the kicker. Schenk is only 16 years old! Talk about an emerging artist. This is exceptionally well done!

Little Quirks – “Someone to hold”
-There’s a ton of attitude in this track from Little Quirks. It’s got that saucy rock energy that we rarely find in folk music, but it works. I am most impressed by the vocal harmonies. I admire the way the harmonies work to shift the mood of the track from rowdy rock to approachable folk. The combination is uncommon and rewarding. If you’ve ever had that serious longing to find someone “to hold” in your own life, the mood of this track will resonate with you.

Image credit: Brody Schenk IG

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