Three Americana tunes to get your week off to a great start

Midnight Canyon – “On my radio”
-There’s a cool tone over this composition from Midnight Radio. Fans of Fleetwood Mac and that style of folk-influenced rock music from the 70s will dig Midnight Canyon. There’s something about the sound that reminds me a bit of 80s country music as well. The lead vocal has a grittiness and a smoothness at the same time, which I genuinely appreciate. The sound culminates in a song style that will be comfortable on your radio. Give Midnight Canyon a spot on your playlist and I bet you’ll be happy every time they come around.

Parker Ainsworth and Jessie Payo – “Fire Swing”
-If you miss the days of classic songwriters like Blaze Foley and Townes van Zandt, give this track a spin from Parker Ainsworth and Jessie Payo. It’s got a delicate folk harmony and an endearing flavor. The old stand up bass really sets the mood for the track, feeling a bit old time in the best way. Ainsworth’s vocal style feels richly old fashioned as well. This song sounds like a time machine in the best way possible.

Paper Towns – “Let you go”
-I really like the phrasing on this track. This is what folk/Americana music is all about for me; a well played guitar and an amazing vocal over a good melody. The atmospheric synths set an interesting mood; I’d personally be interested in hearing this with more of a string-based background. That said, the lead vocal takes center stage on this one and emerges nicely. It’s one of those breakup songs where you can tell the narrator genuinely feels the pain. These are blues lyrics in a comfortable folk composition. Give it a spin, friends.

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