Three intriguing takes on rock music in late 2020

Boo Seeka – “Never enough”
-I don’t even know what category of “rock” this song is, but I am certain it will make you want to dance. We stopped covering “electro pop” as a category, but this song is definitely dance club worthy. The energy is infectious, the vocals are really well mixed. You’ll find yourself belting out “I just wanna flyyyyyyyyy” in no time. If you’re looking for a feel good or a running playlist, this is a definite candidate. So good!

Miles Horn – “Now I know that it’s her”
-This is probably more of a soul track than rock, but we’re digging it a lot. It’s got the stuff, you know? There’s a clear lead vocal that expresses a romantic sentiment. The soulful chord structure and vocal work well together. By the time the electric guitar comes in to highlight the verses, you’ll find yourself moving along to this one. It’s going to be a bit hit for fans of late 80s and early 90s rock music.

Stablemate – “Bloodline”
-If you’re looking for a high level of rock production, look no further than Stablemate. Although the track is about the holiday season, it is not limited to this time of year. It’s more so an atmospheric work of creative pop rock. I am a big fan of the production decisions on the vocal harmonies here. This actually sounds incredible through a good set of headphones. Turn it up a few clicks and blow your mind.

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