Three singer songwriters for your fireplace playlist

Arbour Season – “December Lullaby”
-I’ve covered Arbour Season several times and it’s easy to hear why; they are one of the most talented folk duos we’ve heard in recent years. The tender harmonies are supported by beautiful string work. The whole sound is intricate, delicate folk songwriting. The lyrics are traditional Christmas themes, but they seem to permeate differently in this unique form. It’s beautiful and worth your time.

Miko Marks – “Ancestors”
-There’s a groove to this track. It’ll get you moving, that’s for sure. The energy is vintage, the vocal is quality, and the overall production feels good. I really appreciate the lyrical theme of calling on our ancestors for wisdom and guidance. For those who might not understand this, consider the concept of the “communion of saints.” It’s the same idea and it’s beautifully expressed in this danceable, celebratory, transcendent anthem.

Eush – “Across the hills”
-The acoustic style of this track is really engaging. I appreciate the sentimental quality to the vocal. Something about this reminds me of the Milk Carton Kids. I mean that as a major compliment. The peaceful backing works to create a frame for the image being portrayed by the lead vocal. I really adore the unhurried, expressive style of this track. Put it on and relax; your heart will thank you.

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