Three talented singer songwriters for your new music list

Frankie Davies – “If I didn’t love you”
-This is a song that takes the power of love seriously. There are so many flippant references to love in culture today, but this song shows that love is patient, kind, and steadfast. The quality of the vocal here is beautiful. The steel guitar in the background really sets the mood. The full production is a sort of genre-blending folk-country anthem about the value of staying with someone even when it’s a challenge. It’s great.

Chris Wenner – “Teach me how to love you”
-Something about Wenner’s vocal jumps right out at me. There’s a familiarity and charm to the warmth in this song. The fingerpicking is great, of course, but it’s the delicate lyrical work that really impresses me the most. The spirit of the track is about desiring to love someone so much that you’re willing to learn who they really are. It’s a delightful expression of genuine, dedicated love. If more people focused on love in this way, we’d be in a much better position as a society.

William Lawrence – “Fool for you”
-This is a classic folk song that just happens to be written in 2020. If you listen to this one, though, you’ll swear it’s a deep track from one of the greats in the 70s. I am not a huge fan of the woodwind production elements, but the writing and Lawrence’s vocal is so good I had to feature it here. I appreciate the lyrical theme of falling for someone so hard that you’re willing to be a fool for them. I look forward to the next folk rock tune from Lawrence.

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