Three captivating indie folk tunes that’ll make you take notice

J Lind – “So it goes”
-I rarely even read the “copy” on new music, let alone quote it, but this one is incredible. It says this song was inspired by “the allegorical lyricism of Leonard Cohen, the style of Randy Newman, and the tone of Dawes.” If you know anything about my taste in music, you’ll know why I’m featuring this. Oh. My. Word. This is an incredible song. I love the chromatic changes, the bright lyrics, and the overwhelming gospel (oops, I guess that should be Newmanian) style. I never would have connected this to Dawes on my own, but now I definitely hear it. I love Dawes and I am now falling quickly for the music of J Lind. This is an absolute hidden gem.

Hermitage Green – “My love”
-I can’t quite put my finger on the subgenre of folk this track inhabits. In some ways, it reminds me of the Dustin Kensrue solo sound that I adore. In other ways, it feels a bit like an old school travelling troubadour style. The vocal style is absolutely captivating, the lyrics are intriguing, and the full composition stands out in music today. The “bop bah” part on the chorus was unexpected, positively theatrical, and really fun. I love the genre bend on this one and am happy to share it with our readers.

Adrian Aiello – “Calculated”
-This is an interesting composition. It feels kind of Eagles to me, honestly. There are some folk rock elements along with some lush commercial production elements. The combination is unexpected yet rewarding. I find it be a satisfying mix. What do you think? It’s a share, right? I admire the lead vocal, guitar work, and overall vibe.

Image credit: J Lind IG

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