Three new folk tracks for excitement and renewal

Sophie Morgan – “Unwinnable war”
-The relaxing acoustic guitar on this piece will pull you in, but Morgan’s graceful tone and articulation are really what make it stand out. The lyrical content about being stuck in a war with no end… well, that’s about more than a relationship, I’d say. It resonates with a lot of folks in my life, at least. Feelings of isolation and abandonment from people I used to respect, love, and trust… whew. This one started as a sweet, endearing folk tune… and ended up ripping my heart right out.

Melissa Erin – “Settle on down”
-If it’s any indication of how I feel about this song, I shared it on my personal social media for my friends. I noted it’s for fans of Joni Mitchell. This is a gorgeous folk song that embodies everything that I love about the genre; the poetic, epic lyrics paint many beautiful pictures. The lead vocal is absolutely outstanding. This is the total production. I sincerely hope I get a chance to hear Melissa Erin live before it’s all said and done; maybe some day… these days are looking up.

The Light the Heat – “Carry On”
-There’s a positive, engaging energy to this new folk song. It’s got a good beat and some amazing vocal harmonies. I can’t help but draw comparisons with a band like the Head and the Heart. The feel good energy about enduring in the midst of your trials is certainly something we can all relate to. “The future’s open wide” is a lyric I need in my life right now. Check it out when the song goes live.

Image credit: Melissa Erin IG

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