Three unique rock jams to make your midweek a little more rowdy

The Drives – “All this boredom”
-The production on this track is just about as perfect as I can imagine. I love the mix between the guitars and the vocals. I’m always a huge fan of a quality lead vocal with harmony highlights. The rowdy energy on the chorus is exactly the kind of rock that I came of age listening to. The lyric “I’m too tired to pretend”… dang dudes, I felt that.

KALO – “Love me like you do”
-This is a rowdy rock song. It’s got a powerful lead vocal and a ton of upbeat energy. The lyrics repeat the phrase “love me like you do” several times. It’s one of those rare examples of a blues song that has optimistic lyrics. It’s a song about the blind infatuation of lovin’. Definitely worth a spin for fans of rowdy classic rock flavored blues music.

Emperor Penguin x Orbis Max – “Talk to me”
-This is not your average modern rock tune; it’s kind of an amalgamation of several styles of music from the 20th century. I hear some 60s rhythm, 70s harmonies, and an 80s pop rock mix. The whole song is more an experience than a mere rock song. It reminds me of something that might fit with a rock opera like Rocky Horror Picture Show. I mean that with utmost respect to the creativity and theatricality of this piece.

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