Three throwback Americana tunes that’ll remind you of the good ole days

Alison Self – “Whiskey drunk”
-I love me some honkytonk music, so it’s great to hear this new tune from Alison Self. Self’s writing feels timeless, for sure. There are some clever lyrics, especially the one about the high horse. It’s a good “go to hell” tune with some really nice guitar work. If I had an old country music bar, I’d play this every hour. It’s what country music needs, that’s for damn sure. Alison Self is the real deal.

Hey Slow – “Shame”
-The opening line of this song explains that listening to Sturgill Simpson’s music made him cry and get into music. Well, if that ain’t what it’s all about for so many of us. Wow. The song has that vintage rock country energy that fits within the Sturgill/Childers vibe right now. “When work pays a dime and life costs a dollar, how am I supposed to pay?” This is a working man’s country tune and you’ll dig it. Trust me.

War is Over – “Over the Wall”
-If you like folk music along the lines of Mumford and Sons, you should definitely spin this track from War is Over. The speedy banjo work here is really impressive and worth the listen. When you add in some captivating lyrics and excellent vocal harmonies, it becomes a standout tune. While I’d put it more in the pop folk category than stereotypical Americana music, it’s definitely a sound worth sharing with the world. Do the band a solid and share it with all of your friends who like Mumford and Sons. They’ll dig it, trust me!

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