Three neoclassical pieces to set the midweek mood

Daniel Rosenholm – “November”
-The unhurried pace of this piece stood out for me right away. Unlike some who seem to meander without purpose, this melody felt intentional and mysterious. I had to listen further. The style is contemplative and engaging, if at times unsettling. It seemed perfect for this particular November. By the time the strings enter the piece, I felt something brewing in my soul. This one is an experience.

Melany Thompson – “Distance”
-There’s a subtlety to this piece that makes it feel unique. It doesn’t repeat. The image in my mind is a bit like traversing a mountain; although it is beautiful, it is still a place to take caution. There’s a careful, cautious sense to the way the melody unfolds here. Take each careful step. But as you listen, the melody unfolds a bit more at each turn. The way the melody rings out (sustain pedal?) warms the room so well. This is what neoclassical music is all about for me.

Glenn – “Tangerine sky”
-This piece unfolds with a beautiful unfolding. I suppose it’s about a sunset or a sunrise based on the title. No matter what its inspiration, the calming composition feels wonderful. This is a piece you could put in your reading or studying playlist and would enjoy every time it comes up. It’s very sweet.

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