Three upbeat indie rock tunes to get you through the weekend

Yukon Blonde – “Good times”
-The beat on this track is absolutely FILTHY. You know… like the good dirty. Anyways, it’s a little bit blues, a little bit saucy rock, and a whole lot of attitude. I really like the clear production on this track. This is the kind of song that’s why I feel like “most people” need to get out more when it comes to finding music. Yukon Blonde have an incredible gift for composition and production; you should jam out to this one and share it with your friends!

Van Isaacson – “Strangers”
-The mood of this track is definitely unique. There’s a raw rock reality that reminds me a bit of Matthew Mayfield and David Ramirez, yet a smooth pop energy at times that moves it into a different category. More than anything, though, the track is about how your world can completely change when someone enters and then (potentially) leaves again. It highlights the termporality of our relationships in life… and it’s quite provocative.

Anna Eisch – “Right when I’m over it”
-There’s a pop energy to this track. But trust me that you should stay with it until the vocal really opens up. It’s really a contentious lyrical song, capturing a relationship tearing apart. The raw, gritty realities of the lyrics will resonate deeply with some listeners. If you can’t relate to this one, consider your life relatively charmed. The classic rock with gritty, clear lyrics works well for me.

Image credit: Yukon Blonde IG

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