Three rock tracks to make you MOVE this midweek

Danny Black – “Immoral Guidance” ft Keith Goodwin
-For fans of — Good Old War — because, well… if you know, you know. I definitely am a fan of this folk rock energy. The sound is a bit more alt rock driven than other folk heavy projects we’ve heard from these artists. The way the drums kick around that 50 second mark move the song into a unique direction. Obviously the guitar work is Danny Black’s specialty, so if you pay extra attention to that part of the track you’ll be listening over and over. I definitely dig the track and look forward to more from “Danny Black.”

Wallace – “New friends”
-If you’re looking for an upbeat punk-flavored style of pop rock, definitely give Wallace a spin. This track has pretty much everything I love about modern rock; it’s got a nice driving beat, a quality lead vocal, and some soaring electric guitar work. The power chords on the chorus make me feel 20 years younger. It’s nice to hear that people still make music like this. Fans of Good Charlotte, Sum41, and similar bands will dig this one.

Secret American – “Shadows in the sunshine”
-We tell people all the time we’re looking for a sound that “stands out” and it can be really hard to find. Secret American, though, get right at that. In some ways they sound like a sound from 60 years ago… but in another way they sound absolutely brand new. The crispy electric guitars lay down an excellent bed for the vocals to lay on top. The combination feels both familiar and rewardingly new. The lyrics will have you taking special notice, too, of a golden age of phone calls and radio shows.

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