Three emerging folk artists you’ll be delighted to discover

Alayne May – “Watercolor Pines”
-Every once in a while when I click play on a track, I just stop everything… it leaves me speechless. I don’t type a response. I just sit with mouth agape, stunned at the vocal and the style. Alayne May is in that category of “oh my goodness, who IS this?” artists for late 2020. The movement from classic folk style to more of a modern vocal inflection works extremely. Alayne May is a hidden gem; I’ll be spinning this one a LOT.

Ordinary Elephant – “Let me tell you what I think”
-I appreciate the expressive acoustic guitar work here. The harmonies really make the song pop. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but something about the minor chord changes remind me a bit of Colter Wall’s lonesome sound. It’s definitely not the happy go lucky folk that dominates the airwaves sometimes, but it’s a thoughtful and even poetic style that you should consider for your own playlists.

We the Commas – “I will”
-This track has a unique island vibe to it. I appreciate the different production elements that give it more of a party vibe than a lot of typical folk music. The danceable rhthym and overall feel good vibe is definitely necessary as we blast through the end of 2020. We the Commas have an optimistic energy and we’re glad to have found it for this list. We hope you’ll add it to yours as well.

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