Three lo-fi indie pop tunes you’ll want to share with your besties

Excuse Me – “Patty and Gino”
-This is a groove right here. I’m being serious; it’s such a nice easy going rock groove you’ll find yourself making the groove face. Oh come on. You know you have one. It’s a love song with a hook, a beat, and a feel good vibe that you need in your life. The lead vocal is niiiice. I’m a fan. It’s also really good for air drumming and singing along on the chorus. This song requires audience participation.

The Sunshine State – “Cliff Drive”
-The cool atmospheric energy of this track is on another level for me. It just… glows. Do you know what I mean? Click play and you’ll feel it. The entire track feels like you’re inside of a dream. The lead vocal here is just right, not too intense or too understated. The overall mix is a track that will be at home on a lot of playlists. Add it to yours, share with a friend, and you’ll appreciate the cool tones of this cruise-worthy chorus.

Kesmar – “Meteorite”
-This groove was probably conceived in the 70s and hidden in a BeeGees album dust jacket for nearly forty years. But somehow, magically, Kesmar unlocked it. There are shades of classic disco era musicianship, including a fancy melodica (I think?) and a glorious lead vocal. The entire composition comes together for a true disco time machine that you’ll want to share with your crazy aunt (no names, please)… you know, the one who still smokes mile-long Pall Malls and insists that next year is the year she finally gets that condo down in Florida.

Image courtesy: Excuse Me IG

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