Three easy going singer songwriters to bring calm in the midst of PERFECTLY NORMAL TIMES WHEN EVERYTHING IS FINE

Mat Van – “is what it is”
-I know nothing about the circumstances around this song’s composition, but the repetition of everything being okay is cathartic for me. I understand that it’s a reflection on loss of a relationship, but it feels… beautiful to me. I appreciate the acoustic energy at the core of the song. Van’s vocal hit me from first listen and I hope others will enjoy it as much as I do. The theme of this article might be a little bit of a joke, but this song is serious… and quite good.

John Ward – “Labor Day”
-We missed actual Labor Day for sharing this song by a bit, but this song is absolutely wonderful. The quality of the acoustic guitar is enough to make me want to cover… but then Ward’s poetic vocal and lyrical style enter the track. WOW. This is why folk singer songwriters are all about. I hope that Ward is able to find a seriously following on the back of this clever, intriguing song. I’m not sure if it’s about time travel, but it definitely could be. Any peaceful song about time travel is bound to capture my attention.

Charlotte Haining – “Young”
-It’s easy to hear why I approved this song; Haining’s vocal is outstanding. The lyrics will have you remembering breathtaking romantic moments (if you’ve been blessed to have them). It’s a gorgeous, captivating composition. It probably dips a bit more into pop music than we typically cover, but this is definitely an intriguing song. I could listen to this quality vocal and these emotional lyrics over and over.

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