Three unique styles within the indie pop rock subgenre

Steady Wells – “Good again”
-The groove on this track feels nice, but it’s the vocal harmonies that won me over. The syncopated rhythm hits well, but singing along to that “I feel good again” line is something special. The guitar work is solid as well. The whole composition feels like something that could have emerged the late 60s to be honest. If you’re feeling down, this is a good pick me up that a lot of people will enjoy.

Will – “1 emotion at a time”
-There’s a magnetism to this simple electric guitar with a quality lead vocal. It just… makes you want to listen. This track starts off really chill, but if you sit patiently it will really open up for you. By that, I don’t mean there’s some big drop and an intense party beat; I mean that it stays slow and methodical but the breakthrough is harmonic, opening up with a range of voices that will sooth and remind you of the positive emotions we get to experience. The harmonies give me chills, honestly. This song resonates with me on levels that I can’t even put into words; this is truly a remarkable work of art.

Arkells – “A little more”
-I was familiar with the band Arkells before this song, but I was not expecting the level of goodness when I clicked play. This track has a profound, sermon-esque declaration of truth at the core. The gospel style on the piano and the unison vocal get me in my soul. Parents, in particular, will find a lot of value in this one. The verses feel good, but the chorus on this song is positively transcendent. It’s a powerful song about the power of music. Fans of Needtobreathe will love this track from Arkells.

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