Three songs for your 2020 playlists

Ron Pope- “If love was easy”
-Ron Pope is an incredibly talented songwriter. He’s a hard one to say “no” to because every single track has such a high standard. The poetic lyrics and hypnotic fingerpicking are always a joy. Pope’s characteristic tenor lead vocal is as smooth as possible. I could listen to music like this all day every day; Ron Pope is a blessing. Love is not easy, but it’s worth it.

Alberta and the Dead Eyes – “mhm”
-My kids laughed at me because I kept singing “this is FONKAY (funky)” so loud they heard me outside of my office. But honestly this song is so gosh darn fonkay. It’s folksy, bluesy, and energetic. It’s amazing how a slow, deliberate style could be so enrapturing. The lead vocal gets a bit distorted at times, but it’s all part of the charm of this remarkable standout track.

Kacey Johansing – “No better time”
-The inevitable comparison for this track is Joni Mitchell (and related 70s singer songwriters). Johansing has a beautiful, polished sound. I think this track could be on a vibey indie pop playlist very easily. The lead vocal is delightful from first note to the last. It’s just got a comfortable groove that puts me in a happy place. I dig it.

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