Three remarkable new songs from rising star Derek Luttrell

Just for a bit of context here, realize that these tracks came in as separate submissions (as we request). These were all chosen as remarkable tracks that I wanted to feature. I am a big fan of this new work from rock singer songwriter Derek Luttrell.

“Greatest Trick”
-This classic rock tune takes a clever lyrical concept from the phrase about the “greatest trick the devil ever pulled…” It’s folksy and fun, but the song takes on a serious and genuine personal issue. Luttrell’s vocal stands out without taking over the track. It’s got a radio-ready polish and an easy-to-relate lyrical concept. I think this one is the “lead single.”

“Planted you a garden”
-This one comes from a gentle place, with a folk energy to it. I am reminded of some of the classic folk we’ve covered over the years, namely from David Ramirez. The clever lyricism is evident on this one as well. The agricultural allegory works without feeling forced. The easy going delivery, including well-placed (and well-produced) vocal harmonies make for an overall warm presentation. This one could go on a lot of your chill folk and easy going rock playlists. It’s peaceful and satisfying.

“G** d***ed song”
-I’m generally not a fan of music that uses this kind of language. In fact, the beautiful melody and sincere expression is really opposing the harshness of the title. It reminds me of David Ramirez’s writing in a lot of ways. I could listen to this kind of confessional, expressive, piano songwriting all day. The crooning “you asked me to stay” line gets me every time. This is a beautiful, heartfelt track. Don’t let the title steer you away from a beautifully moving song.

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