Three indie rock tracks to carry you into the weekend

St Buryan – “Torn apart”
-There’s a certain alt rock energy to this track that I really enjoy. The easy going beat and clear electric guitar kind of reminds me of the Stone Temple Pilots era of alt rock. The chromatic chord changes on the verse appeal to me quite a bit. The overall sound is reminiscient of previous style without being derivative; it truly sounds out in a crowded indie rock scene. St Buryan are a band on the rise.

Rowan – “I had a dream”
-The pop piano in the opening of this track reminds me of icons like Billy Joel and Elton John, of course. The chromatic melodic movement feels classic and truly meaningful. I appreciate the thoughtful lyrical style that comes through well with the quality lead vocal. This might not be what some folks think of as “indie rock” but it definitely hits — especially if you have the patience to wait for the break (1:40, hint hint). It’s a quality track and I’m glad we got a chance to discover this talented new artist.

LEAP – “Where the silence goes”
-There’s a syncopated energy that drives this track in a really fun, productive direction. I appreciate the texture over the top of the sound; it’s aggressive in all the right ways. It’s got a raw, gritty energy that will appeal to fans of harder rock music. I am a big fan of the gritty vibe that still has a commercial polish to it. If it’s any indication of how I feel about this track, I turned it up after about 30 seconds. This is a song that demands to be listened to loud.

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