Three disparate yet captivating takes on the indie rock genre

The Response – “All my flaws”
-When you first click play on this track, you’ll feel your body involuntary move to the beat. It’s powerful and hits really hard on the 1 and the 3. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, the electric guitar goes off the rails with some really vibey sounds on the chorus. So it’s kind of straight rock but with a fun and funky twist… LOVE THAT. The lyrics are almost confessional, which I appreciate, while not dragging down the beat. This is about having someone in your life who makes you dream and move on despite your flaws. SUPER inspiring!

The Undercover Dream Lovers – “Peace out”
-If you’re looking to vibe out this weekend, you need this track in your life. It’s indie pop, it’s rock, and it’s definitely got some kind of downtempo energy to it too. Set the mood with this chill track and feel something you didn’t know you were feeling deep inside. It’s about missing someone you love, but if the instrumentation and production have their own voice aside from the lyrics, I think they’re saying everything is just cool as [heck]. Vibe out, feel good, and don’t obsess over things you can’t control. PEACE out.

Saliou M’Boup – “Pouring Rays”
-BIG freakin’ mood with this track. Wow, there’s an energy here that I really don’t know how to summarize with words. Do you feel that complexity? It’s in the acoustic guitar and in the gruff texture of M’Boup’s vocal style. Together, though, with the lyrics there’s a kind of poetic energy that I really dig. It feels like something you might hear in a place like Asheville or an off-the-beaten path art district somewhere. It’s vibey and I dig it.

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