Three indie pop tunes to get you moving

Simon XO – “Give what you gave”
-The atmospheric energy of this track gets it off to a good start, but it’s the expressive vocal style that really stands out for me. It reminds me a bit of what originally drew me to bands like the Head and the Heart. The energetic composition style combined with the quality vocal really makes this an exceptional indie pop track. I’m definitely going to putting this one several of my playlists.

Desoto Jones – “Water to flame”
-The chill, understated rock energy here is definitely something we don’t hear every day. The cool electric guitar provides a basis to the sound that’s sure to appeal to a lot of listeners. Something about the lead vocal reminds me of cool early 90s alt rock acts. The combination is a style that begs to be put on your playlists; I’m sure you’ll never skip it. There’s an infectious pop energy to this one that keeps me listening all the way through.

Limon Limon – “Northern California”
-There’s a fun, upbeat danceable style to this track. I really appreciate the easy going vocals on this one. It’s the kind of tune you can imagine putting on in the car while you cruise. I appreciate the chilled out jazz-flavored indie rock at the core of the track. It’s a feel good tune with quality vocals and an electric guitar that really pops.

Image credit: Simon XO IG

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