Three genre-defying singer songwriters you want to know

Westin & Mowry – “Heart off the shelf”
-Sometimes this song feels like a vintage 70s pop song, other times it feels like a modern folk tune, and sometimes… well I just don’t know. It is really good either way. The lead vocal is expressive without being overdone. I appreciate the optimistic message about hanging on despite the complexity around us. There are some overwhelming emotions in life right now, but this song is about figting for yourself.

Sarah Margaret Huff – “After New York”
-I never know the difference between someone saying a sound is “warm” versus one that is “cool.” When I clicked this track, I immediately felt a sense of this being a “warm” recording… but I wish there was a better way to explain that. I think it’s the effect on the guitar combined with the beautiful lead vocal. It feels comfortable despite being about a record cold winter. The lyrics encourage you to move on (rather than wasting away). I’ll buy that. This is a really good tune. (PS – If you like this track, look up Sarah Margaret Huff. She’s a very successful songwriter and has probably written other songs you like as well!)

Last Year’s Man – “Wild, Wild Heart” ft. Field Report
-Americana and folk music are known for cultivating allegories. This song is full of symbolism and poetry. I could listen to this kind of music all day long and keep pulling out interesting tidbits. This feels like something Gram Parsons and Neil Young would have dreamt up back in the 60s. It’s got a polish to it, but still feels raw and visceral in the best way possible. This is a hidden gem, folks, and you should spin it more.

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