Three talented story-telling songwriters you need in your life

Lily Kershaw – “Now and then” ft. Goody Grace
-When Lily Kershaw sings “remember the way that I love you” with that little crack in her voice… oh. my. word. It is so good. There’s a richness and sincerity in this performance that I really appreciate. Goody Grace brings an expressive emotionalism to his performance, allowing the two tender voices to connect in a truly immaculate fashion. These two are talented in a George and Tammy kind of way. If you’ve experienced a hard break up recently, you might want to skip this… or… you might want to listen to it every day for a long time. It’s a heartbreaker.

Sissos – “You can’t have both”
-A pair of guitars and vocals dancing together, telling a story that makes a room full of strangers feel something deep inside. It’s beautiful. Sissos have quintessential blues vocals. The fingerpicking on this track is enough to draw my attention, but the vocals are really good as well. The full composition from guitar to vocal to lyrics work really well. If you’re a fan of Joss Stone and the modern blues energy that she brings, you’ll find a lot to like about Sissos.

Hayde Bluegrass Orchestra – “Smokey Mountain Railway”
-The train song is as old in country/bluegrass music as the railways themselves. They radically changed rural life for so many of the people who wrote our iconic songs. Hearing Hayde Bluegrass Orchestra carry on that tradition blesses my heart. The lead vocal here does a good job of capturing that high lonesome sound of Appalachian folk music. If you’ve ever felt isolation and desired to be with someone you love, this song will seep into your soul.

Image courtesy: Hayde Bluegrass IG

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