Three folk tunes to get your weekend feeling right

Teen Ravine – “Everyone”
-There’s a real groove to this song that I don’t hear much in folk music today. But it feels weird to put it in any other category. Maybe it’s folk pop? I guess it’s the woodwinds that make it feel so different. The lyrics feel characteristically folk, the vocal leans pop, and the orchestral elements make it something you’re just not expecting. But the dreamlike quality is delightful. It reminds me of the first time I heard “Somewhere over the rainbow.” It’s charming.

Rapt – “In withering sleep”
-There’s a hypnotic sensibility to this piece of Rapt, an engaging folk guitar player and singer. The combination of the elements here might just lull you to sleep or inspire you to write your first novel. Something about the melancholy feeling of the piece really speaks to this current historical moment. Even in moments of the track where it’s hard to understand the lyrics, my connection with the acoustic guitar makes it resonate.

Adam Simons – “Wherever the wind blows”
-This is a well recorded song. The effect on the vocal (or maybe it’s just the room?) is absolutely perfect. The lead resonates through the track perfectly. The guitars and piano are exquisitely balanced in the mix. This is the kind of song that invites you to close your eyes and just dream… go wherever the wind blows in your imagination (so to speak). I really like the subtle vocal harmonies on the chorus. If you’ve just been through a rough part of your life (or are still in it… like 328 million of my closest friends), this song will be a bit of a comforting relief.

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