Three singer songwriter songs to make life a little easier

Ben Strawn – “Slow living”
-If it’s any indication how I feel about this song, the first thing I did when I listened to it all the way through was add it to three playlists. The second thing I did was share it with one of my longest standing and dearest friends. So yeah, I really like the lyrical simplicity and the genuine folk country sincerity. The friendly, engaging style of Strawn’s composition helps us all have a spoonful of the truth with a dollop of sugar. It’s important and as much a philosophy essay as a song; we’re ok with that.

Sam Lynch – “Keeping time”
-There’s an atmospheric quality to this tune that I really appreciate. It fills a space even with a calm composition style. It proves that it doesn’t take high volume to command attention. Lynch’s clever lyricism is sure to stand out for a lot of listeners; the cool electric guitar balanced with Lynch’s gorgeous vocal quality makes for something truly outstanding in the music world today. If you’re a fan of real music, you’ll want to include Sam Lynch’s “Keeping Time” in your life.

Tom Blackwell – “7 x blues”
-There’s something about a well-played harmonica that just puts a smile on my face. When that’s followed by a crooning vocal like Tom Blackwell, I sit up and take notice. The easy comparison is vintage 60s Greenwich Village folk or, more recently, someone like Dylan Leblanc. That said, I think Blackwell writes with a staid folk narrative style that I don’t hear much these days. I miss it. I welcome Blackwell’s stories. It’s hard to reconcile the beauty of the performance with the soulful reflections of the “terrible young man” in the song. That said, I’m here for the experience.

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