Three indie rock jams to get you through the next month

Alexdrake – “Peace of mind”
-I don’t typically feature tracks with such a long build up, but there’s a pop punk energy to this track that won me over right away. The lead vocal has that timeless punk vocal style that I really enjoy. The tight harmonies with the repetitive “this is our time” refrain get me excited. I know my days of sticky-floored punk venues are over, but it’s nice to listen to a track like this to inspire us to embrace a historical moment. If I was working in music syncs, I’d shop the heck out of this catchy tune. It’s great.

Good Dog – “Hopeless man”
-Every once in a while I find a song that’s so good I don’t even want to write anything. This track fits that mold. It reminds me of how I felt when I first heard Jeremy Messersmith’s album Late Stage Capitalism. I surmise that Good Dog and Messersmith would have a lot in common. There’s a cultural critique in the track that is, frankly, cathartic. I’m happy to support this because I genuinely love the harmony-rich musical style, but I also think the thoughtful lyrical style is worth reflecting on for all of us. It’s… timely.

Ben Wylen – “Skinny jeans”
-Well, this is an anthem. I understand that not everyone who reads this site will appreciate the political perspective of this track, but I would venture to guess nearly everyone will appreciate the message’s heart. The desperation in the lead vocal hits me deep, to be honest. It’s got a hopefulness for a better world that really resonates. More than just being a political tune, it’s musical very rewarding. It’s the kind of song that will help people realize that there’s a lot worth fighting for and we are in a historic moment right now; how will we respond?

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