Three peaceful neoclassical piano pieces

Andy Feldman – “On the breeze”
-If you’re looking for a thoughtful songwriting style, this one has that eclectic and moving sentiment. Feldman writes with a mix of rapid dynamics followed by calming, almost lulling sections. The two come together for what feels like a whimsical journey. I’m not sure if we’re walking down a coastline or across an open plain, but I can FEEL something with this piece. It’s really lovely.

Aaron Wade – “Tomorrow’s Song”
-The peaceful phrasing on this piece is really remarkable. I am not sure I’ve heard anything quite like it. Something about the starts and stops remind me a little of Gershwin era jazz composition. Yet, at the same time, the articulation and overall style is certainly “contemporary.” I really appreciate Wade’s gentle articulate style and look forward to following more of his music in the coming years. This one will be on my neoclassical list for a long time.

Sherwood Roberts – “Suspicion”
-Sherwood Roberts might be my favorite modern composer I’ve found this year. There’s something inherently peaceful about the composition style here. Even the up tempo sections feel calming. The relaxed transitions give the piece a bit of a narrative style. Some of the jazz-flavored chromatic changes definitely make it stand out in the neoclassical genre. This is, simply, a beautiful piece of music by a talented, rising composer.

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