9 Best Music Product Apps for Windows & Mac

After researching for days on the best Digital Audio Workstation used by musicians we have listed down the Best 9 Music Product Apps for Windows & Mac that are the best in functionality.

So do give this post a full read to know more about the Best 9 Music Product Apps for Windows & Mac.

List of 9 Best Music Product Apps for Windows & Mac.

  1. Ableton Live 10.

Ableton Live is a free Digital Audio workstation that comes with pretty much every piece of audio hardware and functionality you can buy. So you do have to purchase some features to get it. Ableton Live Lite comes with the same workflow, instruments, and effects as the standard version of Live. However, you can only have up to 8 audio and MIDI tracks. This is still organizable for creating music. You can use Ableton Live Lite like a traditional Digital Audio workstation and record and add it on your timeline or you can start to build songs using the session view. Overall This DAW is an amazing one and can fulfill all your needs at one go. You can check this out by clicking here.

2. GarageBand

Mac users probably want to check out the Garage band. It is an open-source music production software from Apple, and somehow a scaled-down version of the professional digital audio workstation Logic Pro X. It comes with a variety of instruments, loops, and effects. You can also learn to play the guitar, and other music instruments with the help of integrated music lessons. Garageband restricts you to thirty-two tracks which are fine to create great music productions. If you have an iPhone or Ipad you could also use the Garage band App. But if you are looking for some more functionality and features you can upgrade to Logic Pro X which could cost for $200 only. You can check Apple’s GarageBand out by clicking here.

3. Logic Pro X.

If you are more into advanced music production and looking for some more capabilities from your digital audio workstation then Logic Pro X is the best choice for you. Logic Pro X takes you further in your music production capabilities and gives you more high fidelity features. You can do more fine-tune editing and you can essentially just do more. With Logic Pro X you get all sorts of instruments, effects, and various types. You can even add and edit your plugins in Logic Pro X and also adjust the EQ according to your requirements. While composing audio with Logic Pro X you also get to see the tools that you are currently using. There is a lot more to Logic Pro X beside this and cannot be explained in one go. If you find This DAW interesting you can click here and download it.

4. LMMS.

This next digital audio workstation is for the creator who just wants to use virtual instruments and loops or samples. This one is LMMS. This is similar to FL studio. It is very convenient to start music in LMMS as long as you don’t on recording the virtual instruments too much and you just want to make use of the virtual instruments for your music composition as LMMS does not permit you to record audio into it. You can even record clips in another program and bring it into LMMS so you are not completely limited to LMMS. Also, this is a completely open-source digital audio workstation that is completely driven by its community. We believe that LMMS will continue to grow and append new features into its software. You can check This DAW by clicking here.

5. Audacity.

Audacity is a simplified version of a digital audio workstation. To be honest it is more like an audio recorder and editor. But just because it is simple it doesn’t mean it cannot be useful, it’s just to make the most out of it you have to dig deeper into this software. Audacity has a customizable user interface that allows you to set things according to your needs. You also get a feature of working on multiple audios at one time and you can even add your effects and filters and save them for later. There is a load of effects that you get with Audacity like compressor, normalizer, amplifier, and even more. One major thing that we like about Audacity is its background noise cancellation feature that fades background noise after your recording session. You can check This DAW by clicking here.

6. Bandlab- CakeWalk.

The next digital audio workstation we have is the CakeWalk by Bandlabs. It was initially named as SONAR platinum by CakeWalk. Cakewalk by Bandlab is a full-fledged professional tool that you can use now for free. It is full Windows only, and in fact, BandLab says that they are working with Microsoft to build-in beta support for surface pen, and surface dial. Bandlab has a 64-bit audio engine with plugin support for direct and VST3 effect and virtual instruments, and ARA support. You also get free virtual instruments like a guitar, a drum kit, a piano, and a string instrument. You are required to download BandLab to run CakeWalk. You can check This DAW by clicking here.

7. PreSonus Studio One Prime.

This is the free version of the very popular digital audio workstation Studio One. With Studio One Prime you get unlimited tracks, nine basic effects plugins, presence XT synth plugins, a guitar amp simulator plus you get almost 1 GB of loops and samples to get you started with composing music right away. The user-interface and workflow are pretty decent, and once you figure out you will realize that you can make music pretty quickly with Studio One Prime. One limitation is that you can’t add third-party effects or instruments. You have to update to get a VST add-on or you can go with the full professional versions. You can download this digital workstation by clicking here.

8. Cubase.

Now next on the list is Cubase which is a very powerful digital audio workstation that works very well with modern musicians. It comes with several great quality instruments and effects. The workflow is similar to the traditional style of Pro Tools. But it has its unique twist that is intended to help to increase up your workflow. Cubase can be a perfect choice for solo musicians, creators, home studios. Several editions are depending on your needs. You can get this wonderful digital audio workstation by clicking here.

9. FL Studio.

This one is great choice for people that want to work with instruments, and loop. FL Studio makes it very effortless to work with MIDI, and even the audio clip recording is decent. You can easily become a one-man-band or use this in conjunction with your band. One of the best thing about FL Studio is that you get lifetime upgrades. So you buy once, and you can always download the latest update for free. You also get some good instruments, and effects to get you started. This DAW does not have the conventional workflow, and layout that a lot of the other programs have but if you are a solo musician and you don’t care about the conventional workflow FL Studio might be the best digital audio workstation for you. You can download This DAW by clicking here.


After going through this post I must say that all the digital audio workstations mentioned are good and work decently in their respective domains meeting the expectation of their users. But one of the best among this list of Best 9 Music Product Apps for Windows & Mac would be Logic Pro X for Mac and CakeWalk for Windows.

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