Three singer songwriters blending folk pop genre lines

Long Tall Jefferson – “Better man”
-I appreciate the relaxing guitar work here. The atmospheric style on the mix really makes this piece stand out in the folk scene. The lead vocal is nestled nicely into the track in a way that makes it feel comfortable. It just feels like it was released at a great time; the fall always makes me reflect on how the year’s been going and what changes I need to make. It’s a thoughtful and engaging tune, for sure.

Carmody – “Lives apart”
-The phrasing of this contemplative folk piece is really rewarding. I find the vocal style of Carmody to pull me in on every track. This one is particularly captivating. The pacing of the lyrics are both intimate and inspiring. It’s a tragic topic, of course, about being disconnected from someone that you want to be able to be intimate with. That said, I think a lot of people can relate to this dreamlike state of daydreaming about someone you cannot be with but imagine being with in some other universe. It’s a heart pounder if you sink your heart into this one.

The Color Red – “The Door” ft Tova Strandell and Pontus Wolfe
-This song reminds me of the late 60s and early 70s in American folk music. There’s a beautiful vocal harmony at the core of the song that reminds me a bit of the Mamas and the Papas. The rhythm section makes it feel quintessentially 21st century. But I definitely dig these harmonies and hope to get a chance to hear more of an acoustic style from them at some point.

Image courtesy: Carmody IG

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