Three unique takes on the indie rock genre

Reed Gaines – “People getting older”
-For some, this sound is more pop than it is indie rock. That said, the overall style of “People getting older” feels right for me. It’s got that understated vibe that defined a lot of folk rock in the 70s fused with an 80s style synth element. Yet, magically, these two parts come together for a more modern lo-fi element as well. The alchemy creates a dynamic that I didn’t expect to like, but I definitely did. Open minded, experimental music fans will dig this one.

Crystal Cities – “Got my back to the wind”
-There’s a rowdy energy to this track from Crystal Cities that will have you thinking of 80s pop rock. The mix on the guitars allow them to take up the space in the track quite a bit. The vocal isn’t always easy to follow, but it feels right like the muddled mix of a live rock show. Once the guitars soar on the chorus, you’ll be belting out the main lines in no time. It’s rowdy.

Castlebeat – “Worries”
-“People talk way too much” is the opening line. Wow. Can relate. This is a lo-fi, understated track with some exquisite production work. It takes a lot of effort to balance a track like this. I appreciate the vibe so much. I shared it with a friend and just said, “groove.” That’s really how I feel about this track; the lyrics hit me but the groove sits right in my soul. What an immersive, inviting, and comfortable track. Spin it.

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