Three emerging singer songwriters to add to your playlist

Wallace Tallman – “The right side of history”
-Well… we try really hard to shy away from politics on our site, but honestly this isn’t even politics. This is about humanity and ethics. This is about loving your neighbor (if you’re into that sort of thing). The style is progressive pop with a delectable trumpet that adds a dash of extra sauce. The lead vocal from Tallman expresses the pain of the moment(s) without being overly theatrical. This is just… so good.

Kiefer Detrick – “Trick questions”
-The clever lyrical style of Kiefer Detrick stands out immediately. It’s incredibly difficult to do what Detrick does combining fingerpicking and expressive lyrical work. This is old fashioned folk music brought into modern production. It’s really well done. This is what Woody and Pete would be doing if they were still making music today. That guitar work, though, my word…

CF Watkins – “Babygirl”
-If you’re looking for a fresh sound from an emerging songwriter, you won’t do better than CF Watkins right now. It’s a radio-ready, crisp sound that demands an audience. It’s got the right kind of emotional tug about romance without feeling too overly pop or sickeningly sweet. Watkins writes with a punctuated folk-country flavor that is sure to cross over genre and listener demographics. I’m excited to support this easy going yet engaging track from a promising artist.

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