Three genre bending tracks for those who are looking for something different

Counting Chances – “Fine fine fine fine”
-The first time I heard this song I wasn’t sure what to do with it. The epic jazz vocal in the opening is really moving. I figured it was just going to be a kind of classic jazz tune. BUT then I kept listening… and there’s this fuzzy distortion that makes it feel a bit more experimental and modern. Even the repetition of the lyrics make me bristle a bit; I’ve been in those moments of tension when things really aren’t fine. This is definitely not your average lounge jazz; it’s experimental and worth exploring for those who love something a little different.

Tyler Jarvis – “Springsteen”
-I almost never approve songs with glowing 80s synths like this song, but it’s just SO GOOD. I really like the nostalgic energy that this track captures. I came of age in the 90s, but a lot of the sentiments here are familiar to me. It makes me feel youthful. It conjures a time in my life when I was willing to stay up late and go on adventures, cranking music loud in the car. If you are a fan of Ben Rector (who I love), then you should definitely check out Tyler Jarvis.

The Beanie Kids – “Pink”
-When I first heard this song, I thought it was “just another” indie rock band with a riff-heavy sound that reminded me of the Killers, but after listening a bit more I discovered that there’s really something unique here. The energy is infectious, of course, but the lyrics really cut through the guitars well. The production balance on this track is brilliant. I could definitely see this one being use on a TV show or film, but more importantly taking up space on a lot of playlists. It’s just quirky enough to stand out, but just fun rock enough to fit in with a lot of what people like. Put this on your indie rock list and enjoy it every go around. It’s good!

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