Three rich and rewarding Americana songs to remind you why you love the genre

Eliza Edens – “Years go by”
-There’s a grittiness to this track from Eliza Edens that wins me right away. The guitar feels unfettered, free with Edens harnessing its power. The two dance together to express some deep, even sometimes dark poetic lyricism. By the time the larger production enters the track, the gritty blues energy evolves into something closer to roots rock music. It’s a powerful composition for those of us who spend time reflecting on the past, especially. This one is worth your time.

Colton Venner – “Rock bottom”
-It’s an easy going country energy that invites the listener into this meaningful track from Colton Venner. The raw lyrics are all too relatable to a lot of common folk in life these days. There’s a “we’ll get through this” positivity to Venner’s message. A lot of hard working folks can relate to dealing with hardship and hard work for the sake of our loved ones. The key lyric “rock bottom with you is solid ground” really works. This is the kind of music that should be on country music radio.

Kane Miller – “Never coming back”
-I really appreciate the sincerity of Kane Miller’s performance on this track. The easy going energy invites the listener to empathetically respond to the heartache here. I don’t know the story behind this song, of course, but the honesty aches. The melody feels just right, allowing the sad yet poetic lyrics to cut through the composition. It reminds me of David Ramirez’s iconic “Shoeboxes.” It’s not easy to write a heartache song that stands like this, but Miller has done it here.

Image credit: Kane Miller IG

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