Three exciting new tracks featuring Parker Ainsworth, Ron Pope, and Marc Scibilia

Parker Ainsworth – “The way that it was”
-If you’re a fan of classic folk and Americana music, you’ll dig this new tune from Parker Ainsworth. In fact, you might wonder what year it is. It feels like a lot of different historical moments in America, most notably the early 70s, but it sure doesn’t feel like 2020. There’s a refreshing joyfulness and nostalgia to the song. Fans of bands like the Eagles or the Allman Brothers will definitely dig this one.

Ron Pope – “Turning Back” ft. Emily Scott Robinson
-I’ve been a fan of Pope’s music for a few years now. His articulation and performance is always incredible. This new tune with Emily Scott Robinson features a folk duo tenderness that is sure to stand out on your playlist. There’s a warmth to the chord selection here that complements the romantic lyrics incredibly well. This is a beautiful and rewarding song that I’ll be listening to a lot personally.

Marc Scibilia – “Good times”
-Some voices were created to sing folk music; Marc Scibilia has one of those voices. I can just picture sitting on an old creaky porch listening to Scibilia playing these iconic folk songs for hours. The track moves a bit more than a lot of narrative folk, but it fits this song. In a time that doesn’t seem to have much in terms of good times, it’s nice to have this nostalgic and hopeful reflection. Here’s to good times on the horizon, we hope.

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