Three folk singer songwriters to guide your week

Joey English – “Haven’t been myself”
-Any song that talks about monsters in the first line gets a quizzical look from me. But what makes this new track from Joey English so good is the way that it just comes across as so honest. The repeated line about not being himself “in a long long time” is definitely relatable. The easy going Americana/folk energy of the track is good, but the lyrics… hot damn. Drinking the blue out of the sky? This is incredible. Please, listen and after you pick up your jaw off the floor, share it with a friend.

Mackenzie Shrieve – “in the before”
-If folk finger picking and a quality lead vocal are your thing, you will love this song. I really appreciate that just when you think you know where this song is going, it throws a little chord progression your way. It reminds me of a Joni Mitchell tune. It’s gorgeously composed and perfectly delivered. It takes a lot for folk music to “rise to the top” for me, but this is an extremely good track. I’ll be spinning it a lot personally.

Augusta – “The Birds”
-If you’ve been watching my folk pieces in the past month or so, you know Augusta’s name. I am so consistently impressed by this talented artist. There’s a comfortable style to the track that puts a big smile on my face every time. The poetic charm of the lyrical phrasing gets to me in a good way, but the approachable genuineness of the vocal style might be my favorite part of the whole sound. When you combine these different elements, you get something truly unique and wonderful. It makes me feel like I should be drinking Coke out of one an old glass bottle, sitting on a porch watching the world go by with old friends.

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