Top 20 Indie Rock Blogs for 2020

Welcome to the 2020 edition of this list. Before you all start cursing about what blog is or is not on this list, please keep in mind we take blogs under three criteria: frequency of coverage, depth of coverage, and overall design appeal. If you find one here that you enjoy and start to follow, drop them a line and tell them who sent ya!

1) God is in the TV Zine – – Over the years, we’ve come to really respect the nostalgia of this “zine” style coverage. Unearthing hidden rock music is their calling card. If you’re looking for buzz and unique writing, you can’t do much better than God is in the TV Zine.

2) MP3 Hugger – – MP3 Hugger is a perennial contender on this list. They continue to crank out an incredible amount of coverage. Although most of us don’t listen to MP3s anymore, it’s a nice nostalgic name taking us back to the roots of blogging.

3) Indie Is Not a Genre – – Aside from the name being one of my favorite phrases in the “business,” the site has consistent coverage across genre lines. They cover a nice range of rock music. I appreciate that in an age of quick hitters, they still write full reviews.

4) Indie 3- – Indie 30 has a unique layout and content distribution surrounding their own top song list. If you are looking for playlists (and a bit less writing), this is the site for you. There’s plenty to follow and discover with the curation of Indie30.

5) Euphoria Zine – – EZ is one of the sites that crosses over into a physical magazine as well. The website serves the magazine. The visuals on this site are always stunning. If you’re looking for a high art experience, check out EZ.

6) Come Here Floyd – – We’ve featured this site on our lists over the years because of a consistent standard of excellence. If you are looking for indie rock that is willing to take risks, listen to some of the choices from CHF. If you sort by Indie Rock, this site will keep you busy for days.

7) Indie Obsessive – – Indie Obsessive has a throwback vibe to it that I really dig. There’s a nice center column with new articles and plenty to click on with the widgets on the sides. It’s clearly a passion project that we’re happy to support.

8) The Line of Best Fit – – The LBF looks amazing. Honestly if this list was on design alone, this blog might be number one. They have long reads and full album reviews. This one doesn’t seem like it’s thrown together by a bunch of part timers (like ours). It’s a pro job all the way.

9) Rock the Pigeon – – Rock the Pigeon has more than just music; it’s actually a culture mag. If you’re looking for deep dives and features, you’ll love RTP. Heck, I even dig the logo. It’s a clean design and impressive writing. Check it.

10) Music Savage – – There are some nice collective playlists on this site that will keep you listening for a long time. It’s a cool, creative name for a design that really pulls you in. The unique artwork for each playlist is really interesting as well.

11) Overblown UK – – The phrase “something for everyone” is a cliche, but it’s true for this site. They have different types of features and a layout that really encourages you to scroll around and check it out. We’re definitely fans of the variety offered here.

12) Keep Walking Music – – If you’re looking for more variety than straight indie rock and enjoy visually stimulating layouts, check out this site. KWM has one of the most trendy looking sites on the list. It’s not all rock, but it’s definitely for people who want to be “in the know” with indie music.

14) Surviving the Golden Age – – This site has a cool layout and thoughtful writing. I enjoy the concept of the Golden Age, contemplating who we are and the time we are alive. It’s definitely a unique site worth your attention.

15) Nu Sound – – If it’s variety and trends you’re after, Nu Sound is the spot. It’s got a wide range of news and interviews from a number of different sources. They don’t focus exclusively on rock, but it is sprinkled in amongst their fascinating overall industry coverage.

16) From the Strait – – This site has a super clean design and plenty of new music for enterprising fans. The overall style features videos a bit more than long form writing, but there’s plenty to sort through for rock fans. It just looks so darn nice.

17) The Revue – – If you are looking for a literal “daily dose” of new music, you can’t do much better than the Revue. Their daily matinee lists will have you sorting through gems for a while. Another nice thing about the site is that they connect to the larger music industry (live shows, etc), not just quick hitting reviews.

18) Wolf in a Suit – – It’s clear that the folks over at Wolf in a Suit are fans of all sorts of modern indie music. That said, if you stick around long enough you’ll find plenty of indie rock to enjoy. It’s a great site with in your face graphics and a lot of new music.

19) Independent Music Reviews – – Much like our own site, IMR covers a LOT of music from a variety of genres. If you sort through and check out the rock submissions, there’s still more than you could ever keep up with in a year. It’s such a wonderfully well designed and maintained site.

20) Obscure Sound – – What a great name for an indie music site. The folks at Obscure Sound find… well, obscure music that you need in your life. Although they dip a bit more into electro than a straight indie rock site, we still thought they do enough indie rock to get a spot on this list. Sift through and find the gems; OS have plenty for you to discover.

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