Three indie folk tunes you have to hear to believe

Farewell Teddy – “And so it goes”
-The vocal harmonies on this track remind me of some of the classic folk bands of the 60s like CSNY. The lead vocal on this song is really well delivered with the high harmony making it pop even more. These questions about the “rules of spirituality” are all too relevant for us these days. I appreciate that it’s an easy listening song that will have you asking some hard existential questions.

Jenny Yim – “Let me down”
-From the first time I pressed play on this song I have been reminded of some amazing strong singer songwriters. There’s a poetic forgiveness and sorrow in the song that will humble even the hardest listener. The delicate yet strong energy of Yim’s lead vocal is the defining characteristic of the song. That said, if you are going through a rough spot in your life with relationships, a song like this might just be the inspiring boost you need to be empowered. Give it a listen.

Hugo Valentine – “Rule the world”
-The inspiring energy of this song won me over right away. Honestly, if I gave an award for “best chorus” this would be the runaway winner for 2020. There’s a pop piano ballad energy to this song that I like, of course, but beyond that is the hard driving lyrical vibe here. Valentine is able to write in a timeless style without feeling derivative or repetitive at all. This is an incredible song and should be on your running/partying/dancing/living playlist. Live your life love! 🙂

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