Three acoustic folk tunes to bring you calm

Thomas Lavine – “Rivers”
-This is a peaceful and engaging tune. The opening vocal is really inviting and good. Once the harmonies enter the track, I felt like I was transported to a magical place. There’s something sweetly moving throughout the track, like reading a good short story. It takes you on a journey to a beautiful place. It’s worth your time.

Jacob Noal – “More than rubies”
-There’s a thoughtful writing style at the heart of this track. Noal’s vocal is right in that pocket between whispered and full singing out. The result is something that feels comfortable, like he’s sitting in the corner of your favorite coffeeshop playing an unexpected acoustic set. At first it’s just nice in the background, but then you say, “wow this is really good” and sit down to really listen. It’s a gem with some harmonies that tickle like a good sweet warm beverage in early fall.

Michael Lyon – “Love”
-The opening vocal harmonies on this track set the stage for an engaging, meaningful track. The lyrics are transcendent and powerful. When you take it all together, you’ll feel something like CSNY or Simon and Garfunkel. It’s nice to hear that someone is keeping alive these type of classic folk harmonies. I’d love to learn more about the recording process of this incredible new folk tune.

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