Summer 2020 Singer Songwriter Virtual Festival – Part 9

Kyle Morgan – “And you”
-This is an artful piece of music that is equal parts orchestral folk as it is intriguing poetry. I appreciate the way that I can personally relate to the lifestyle described here. It’s got an unconventional approach to the main melody, more Dr Dog than standard folk music. Still, Kyle Morgan’s unique artistry is worth your time and exploration.

J.E. Sunde – “Love gone to seed”
-Something about this song reminds me of the 1970s. I wasn’t alive then, mind you, but the song reminds me of that era. There’s an adventurous spirit to the song about taking a chance on a relationship. The guitar work is good, but the unique vocal seems to be the thing that makes the song stand out. The unexpected brass element definitely caught me for a pleasant surprise as well. This one is a gosh darn good old time.

Sky McCreery – “i remember”
-The delicate pop energy of this track is really something special. It’s the kind of song you can put on a chill playlist and will be amazed by it every time. McCreery has a real sense of poetic lyrics and a consistent pop melody that feels genuine. Put it this way; I have been married 14 years and with my wife for 17 and this song gave me an instant memory of a conversation. Music is a visceral, beautiful, amazing gift. This one’s a keeper, fam.

Photo credit: Sky McCreery IG

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