Three Americana tracks that’ll put a smile on your face

Skyway Man – “Old swingin’ bell”
-These lyrics are hilarious and amazing. Imagine a gospel tune about drinking a stiff drink. It’s really great. I love everything about the spirit and style of this track. The throwback energy is excellent. I feel like I could have a great time with these guys. The amount of creativity involved in this track is absolutely astonishing. I actually love this.

Adam Chaffins – “Further away” (ft Brit Taylor)
-If you put this song on a Chris Stapleton playlist, a lot of people wouldn’t realize it’s a different artist. The easy going blues-country swing of this tune will seep into your soul. I love the approachable style and hard hitting lyrics. It’s got a lot more introspection and depth that you’ll hear from mainstream country. This is a song I’d feature every hour if I ran an alt country radio station. It’s incredibly good. The voice and guitar are good, but the stand up bass deserves a shout out as well. So good!

Jonathan Torgrimsen – “See the sky”
-This wonderful track from Jonathan Torgrimsen reminds me of what I fell in love with in old folk music. This has a Townes Van Zandt quality to it, for sure. I really appreciate the lyrical core about how much we stay inside in modern life. Of course, like any good country song, that’s a metaphor about how we don’t fully connect with each other very well any more either. It’s got a lot of deep, abiding truth in an approachable and comfortable package. Tell the truth, brother. We sure need it.

Photo credit: Adam Chaffins IG

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