Summer 2020 Singer Songwriter Virtual Festival – Part 6

Seanie Bermingham – “By lake or by sea”
-The tenderness in this song is absolutely astonishing. The easy going acoustic guitar work helps to ease the listener into a poetic and moving composition. If you’re looking for a song to add to your acoustic playlist that will move your spirit every time, definitely consider this one. Bermingham’s voice is charming and moving. This is a wonderful acoustic piece that deserves to be widely heard and shared.

The Satellite Station – “Need you right now”
-I really like the energy of this track. There’s a powerful pop style that emerges for the first chorus and is sustained throughout the track. The vocal is strong enough to keep the energy moving. I appreciate the delicate balance between the piano and the synth work. It feels like a track that exists as a combination of different historical styles melding together for something truly unique in this contemporary moment. I dig the energy so much on this one!

Lucinda R – “Kentucky Star”
-There’s an intimacy in the recording from Lucinda R that pulled me in right away. The lyrics require focus, but it is has a hope for something romantic to develop in time. I appreciate the mixture of raw, rootedness in the guitar and vocal with these dreamlike and hopeful lyrics. It’s a beautiful, standout juxtaposition. If you’re putting together a singer songwriter playlist you would do well to add this one.

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