Three Americana tracks featuring different textures of the genre

Isak Thomas and the Stoop Boys – “Out of time”
-If you’ve been around my writing for any length of time, you know that I am a fan of retro soul. Isak Thomas and the Stoop Boys tap into that with a brilliant contribution here. It might not be what others tend to characterize as Americana, but I think the catch-all genre is a great place for a classic track like this. If it sounds like it could have been top of the charts in the 60s, I’m ok with calling it Americana. I dig the lead vocal and that electric guitar solo absolutely slaps!

Maddie Mae – “Here right now”
-This song is focused entirely on the amazingly high quality lead vocal. There’s a delicate, almost old fashioned tone over the whole song. I really appreciate that it sounds like something you could have heard late one night in the early 60s bringing down the lights in a honky tonk. I’ll tell you that lyric “while the real thing slips away” hit me pretty hard. This is what should be on country music radio, but we’re happy to claim it over here in the indie Americana world.

Jake Whiskin – “Breakneck speed”
-From first listen Jake Whiskin’s voice sounded familiar. I’m not sure if it’s Jeremiah Daly or Sammy Brue, but I definitely feel like I’ve heard a voice a lot like Whiskin. That said, the phrasing of this track is really intriguing. The sparing production works perfectly well for the lyrically rich style of this track. I can’t imagine having the wisdom and foresight to write such a beautiful expression to someone. This is really a stunning song and should be on your acoustic playlist right away.

Image credit: Maddie Mae IG

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