Summer 2020 Singer Songwriter Virtual Festival – Part 5

Jacob Callum – “Done with me yet”
-The acoustic guitar work on this track is really good. Once you get to the chorus of this song, though, Callum’s vocal really excels as well. The composition is really nicely balanced between atmospheric elements and the vocal. Even the falsetto work is solid, which is incredibly difficult to do. The sense of having to go through difficult times to come out stronger in the end shows a wonderful, encouraging maturity. Give it a spin.

Kilnsey Green – “Victoria”
-There’s a cool, jazzy energy to this track that won me over from first listen. The tone of Green’s vocal works really well for the overall style of the track. The collective energy of this composition is just… cool. I am sure there’s a better musical term than that. The song doesn’t try to say more than it needs to and that’s a wonderful gift for a song. Put this on your playlists for hanging out, walking in the park, or nearly anything; it’s super chill.

Carrie Baxter – “Love me better”
-The jazz energy of this track feels really good, but nothing will prepare you for the rich lyrical content of this track. You just have to listen to it. Once you hear the first few lines, you’ll understand the sense of conflict in the chord progressions here. This is what jazz songwriting is all about; it’s pain and heartache with a punchy perseverance. This is more than a song; it’s a piece of artwork and literature all rolled into one.

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