Summer 2020 Singer Songwriter Virtual Festival – Part 4

Joe Parsons – “Pilot”
-If you’re looking for a singer songwriter that creates something you have never heard before, give Joe Parsons a spin. There’s some delightful folk energy in the opening, but as the song develops it hits on several other genres. The atmospheric ambient quality of this track is sure to find itself on a lot of chill playlists for 2020.

Claire Donzelli – “Lift me higher”
-There’s an optimistic energy to Claire Donzelli’s songwriting. The instrumentation feels like pretty traditional rock, but the way the voice layers of the top makes it feel snappier and poppier than typical rock. I appreciate the arresting lyricism; if you’ve ever been in a relationship with someone who really grounds you while also inspiring you… this track will really connect.

Olivia Ellen Lloyd – “Emily”
-The opening of this song has the sweetest Americana energy to it. Lloyd’s voice is incredibly powerful. The lyrical style here is really charming about a best friend. The instrumentation is perfectly balanced with the organ in the background sometimes peeking out to steal the show. Overall, though, it’s Lloyd’s vocals and sincere lyric work that make this an outstanding Americana/folk tune. I’ll be keeping my eye on the career of Olivia Ellen Lloyd for sure!

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