Three “stop what you’re doing and listen” soul tracks from the old to the new schools

Micah Edwards – “I never like it when you leave”
-This track has an incredible swing that brings together several genres, noticably jazz and soul. Edwards has a wonderful voice that invites listeners to sing along. The lyrics offer an accessible message. As a former horn player, I have to say the trumpet solo really seals the deal for me on this one. In fact, when I processed this song it sounded so much like home that it made me cry. Thanks to everyone on the project for creating something so soulful it moved me in that way.

Sean Clelland – “Cheap thrills”
-Whew this is a saucy track! You might imagine just from the title that it’s about something rather illicit. But the song actually calls the listener to move toward something more meaningful. It’s about acknowledging that the cheap thrills don’t fully give us what we’re looking for. I dig the horns, the guitar solo, and mostly the killer vocal from Clelland. If you’re a soul fan, you’ll dig the various textures on this unique track.

*Note: Spotify embeds are currently down. Will fix as soon as they are back up.

Matt Corby – “Vitamin”
-So this is newer soul and you have to be a little patient for this one. It doesn’t hit in the same way in the beginning as it does. Once the vocal gets more expressive around the one minute mark, I feel like the track really opens up. It feels a bit like unfolding a package. At first you’re like “what even is this?” and after a bit you realize it’s something beautiful and amazing. It’s not a conventional or straight soul track, but it has some really creative and progressive textures that I dig.

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